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    Hello everyone, 

    I’ve put some thoughts and information here to serve a few purposes:

    1. For you to see and review the information I like to refer to
    2. For some information to be helpful when you can’t contact a health professional right away
    3. And to remind myself of what’s up to date and useful!

    There are some great resources out there already, and I don’t want to reinvent the wheel.

    Please note that I am a general practitioner based in Randwick, Sydney. The information and resources here are my views only, and are specific to the area and population I work with. Please consult your usual doctor for personalised advice. To my patients, this advice is general only. You know how to find me for a chat! Please let me know any feedback you might have about the website.

    As a start, these are the sites that I use which are very doctor specific – useful for me and my gp colleagues to help look after you, but maybe less so for a patient.


    The Medical Republic:

    Croakey Health Media:

    Central and Eastern Sydney PHN:


    Health Pathways:

    Australian Doctor:

    Pulse IT:


    Therapeutic Guidelines: