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    Hi everyone. Useful websites, latest vaccination updates and when we need to chat!

    1. If you have COVID-19, this website gives advice regarding symptom management, isolation advice etc. For more general information see here.
    2. I would like to speak to you if you are over 50, pregnant, unvaccinated, have ANY chronic health conditions such as diabetes or lung disease, or live alone without someone able to care/monitor your symptoms. Medications may be available and we need to have a plan if symptoms worsen.
    3. The following symptoms are indicators also to get in touch with me or seek help urgently: Do you have shortness of breath or difficulty breathing? Do you have severe cough or are you coughing up blood? Have you had chest pain or tightness lasting longer than 10 minutes? Are you having trouble standing up? Do you have vomiting and significant difficulty getting fluids in? Are you having diarrhoea – more than 4 episodes in the past 24 hours? Have you been confused or unusually drowsy? Do you have a persistent high fever over 39? Also if your symptoms aren’t improving after 3 days.
    4. If in any doubt or you have any questions do call us at the surgery for a telehealth appointment. Outside of hours, call the National Coronavirus helpline at 1800-020-080
    5. Recommendations for booster shots are found here. Booster doses are recommended for those over 65, and those over 18 at risk of severe disease. They can be considered for all over age 18 and those aged 5-17 at risk of severe disease. We have plenty of vaccines available so come in for a discussion. All COVID immunisations are free of charge.
    6. Resources for GPs include: Health Pathways and the Liverpool Covid Drug interaction checker